Found on Etsy – Mommy Bling

So, last week, I wrote about some unique and totally awesome Mother’s Day gifts, I found on Etsy.  If you missed it, you can check them all out here.

I purposely, though, left out jewelry.  There is so much gorgeous jewelry on Etsy, and I wouldn’t have been able to showcase near as much, without devoting an entire post to it.  There are so many beautiful pieces that would make perfect gifts for the moms, grandmas, wives, aunts, etc…, in your life.

So, here you go!


I am in love with this Family Tree Necklace from delezhen.  It’s just so elegant!


For a different take on the Family Tree Necklace, this one from SusanAnna is also really pretty.  And, I love the colors.


This Personalized Gold Bar Ring, from LayeredAndLong, is so unique.  It’s simple, but classy.


FrostedWillow sells the prettiest Family Tree Bracelet in her store.  You can personalize this with anywhere from one to four charms.  So cute!


The Skinny Bar Necklace, from LEILAjewelryshop, would make a perfect Mother’s Day Gift.


These matching bracelets would make a sweet gift for your mom.  When you order from LemonArtStudio, you get to choose between flowers and hearts for your charm, and you also get to choose the color of your band.


This beautiful circle necklace can come with up to  charms, and can include up to 15 names.  This gift from CentimeGift would make a wonderful present for your Grandmother.


I adore these dainty stacking rings, from KathrynRiechert.  I would love to receive these as a gift, on May 14th.


MignonandMignon has a slightly different, but just as pretty, take on the Vertical Bar Necklace.


What mom wouldn’t love this Charm Bangle Bracelet from LaLaCrystal?  The initial charms and the tree charm are so gorgeous.


Here’s a super pretty Grandmother Necklace sold by powderandjade.  You can personalize this with up to 10 birthstones.


There are so many incredibly pretty jewelry pieces offered on Etsy right now.  If one of these isn’t right for the Mother in your life, I’m sure you won’t have any problems finding the right one.   With all of the talented artists selling their creations on Etsy, there is something for everyone.  And, I mean everyone.







Found on Etsy – Mother’s Day

This week, I’ve decided to showcase some great potential Mother’s Day gifts.  Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I tend to wait until the last minute to shop.  So, every year, my mom gets a plant, or a flower, or a plant, or a…  You get the idea.  I’m not real creative, over here.  Maybe this year, I can shock her, and find something that she will really love.  And maybe I can find some things to throw hints at my husband about.  Maybe?  OK, Probably.

Before I start, though, a little on the history of Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, and it became an official holiday in 1914.   It is interesting to note that even though Anna Jarvis was instrumental in Mother’s Day being recognized as an official holiday, she later denounced the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar.  While dates and celebrations vary, Mother’s Day most commonly falls on the second Sunday in May and traditionally involves presenting mothers with flowers, cards and other gifts.  It is not only celebrated in the United States, but it is celebrated in different forms throughout much of the world.

Now, on to the fun part!


I think this Rustic Wood Drawer and Succulent Arrangement from RileysOasis is so cool!  I would love to get this as a gift.  So unique!


OK, this one just made me giggle.  Check out this mug from Abbingtons.


This Mom Book Origami is really kind of different.  I think this decorative piece made by BooksByBrittney would look really cool sitting up on a shelf or mantel.


I have wanted one of these Pottery Bread Bakers FOREVER.  AyersPottery has the neatest ones.  I love the colors, and each one includes a recipe and ideas for other uses for these handmade bowls.


How about this unique Porcelain Wind Chime from EarthWindStoneware for your Mom?


This stained glass panel from hankbarnes1234 is absolutely gorgeous!  I am totally, 100%, in love with this.  The colors are so bright and vivid.  Beautiful!


All of these items would make great gifts for the Mothers in your life, but if you are looking for jewelry, I’m intentionally saving that for next week.  There is so much to choose from, and I want to find my absolute favorites.  So, if you didn’t see something you love today, make sure and check back next week for some gorgeous jewelry for your wife, mother, or even for yourself.



Found on Etsy: Gorgeous Spring Wreaths

I am definitely ready for Winter to leave.  Just last week, in Ohio, we had snow one day, and 70 degrees a couple days later.  It’s time for Winter to say good-bye, and let Spring do it’s thing!

To get ready for spring and brighten our homes, I found some gorgeous wreaths on Etsy this week.


I love everything about this Pink & Cream Hydrangea Wreath, from jennyCmoon.  The colors are so pretty, and with the burlap and the monogram…  Perfect!


The coral and light brown in this wreath from WreathMeLoveBoutique definitely says spring in an understated and elegant way.


Nothing faux about this fresh Adina Pepperberry Wreath from ClubBotanic.  It features both olive and bay leaves, along with seeded eucalyptus, pepperberries,  and viburnum berries.  Beautiful!!


This next wreath from CuriousBloom is really unique.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wreath quite like it.  It features felt flowers, and I really love the fact that it features a slim profile.  So, if you don’t have tons of space between your doors, this would work perfect.


I think this Succulent Wreath is so cool!  And, with proper care, the succulents will live on the wreath for months, and can then be transplanted to the ground for even more enjoyment!  Visit TerracottaCornerFL to see this wreath and the many other succulent wreaths.


So many cute wreaths!!  If you didn’t see one you love here, hop on over to Etsy and you are sure to find one that fits your tastes.  Guaranteed!

XOXO ~ Tracy










Decorating The Perfect Easter Egg – Part 2 (The Fun Part)

So, a couple weeks ago I wrote about two different ways to hard-boil eggs.  Today, it’s time for the fun part…  Coloring and decorating your eggs!

I love decorating eggs with my kids.  I know how much I enjoyed it when I was younger, and I know that we are creating memories and traditions that they will hopefully share with their little ones, someday.  I do, however, experience minor anxiety every year, when it’s time to fill those little cups with colored dye.  My 4 kids are clumsy.  Extremely clumsy.  I feel like the saying “bull in a china shop”, was created after someone witnessed my kids.  They are completely unaware of their surroundings.  And I don’t want to have to watch those little cups tipping over.  So, I have found some really cute ideas, that don’t involve cups of dye, and they really look like they will be fun.


Tie Dye Easter Eggs

I found this method on One Little Project, and this looks like a fun and easy way to color the eggs.  And not too messy, as long as we wear gloves.  The only problem I see is my impatient children, constantly asking if they can unwrap their eggs.  Constantly.  Over and Over…


Polka Dot Easter Eggs

These are simple and cute.  And easy.  I really think my kids would like to put their own little touch on these eggs, and plus they get to use paint.  Such a cute idea from The Girl Creative.


Cool-Whip Dyed Eggs

A Crafted Passion has a really great way to color eggs, using Cool-Whip!  Similar to the shaving cream method I’ve seen around, but definitely non-toxic.  I definitely think gloves would be a good idea, to keep those little fingers free of dye.


Watercolor Floral Eggs

This is such a cool method, though it does use cups of dye.  But, honestly if I could find cups shown on Dream a Little Bigger, it wouldn’t be so bad.  They definitely wouldn’t be likely to tip over.  But anyway, I just love how the eggs turned out.  They look so classy and elegant.  Plus, I think the kids would really enjoy this one, and I can totally see them coming up with their own creations.  Something other than flowers…


So, I know that some of you are still going to go for the cups of dye.  And, more power to you.  I just can’t do it.  But, if you choose that route, check out these great color cheat sheets from McCormick.



No matter which method you choose, just have fun.  Enjoy this time with your children, making precious memories.

XOXO ~ Tracy









Found On Etsy: Easter Basket Fillers

I am a huge Etsy fan.  I love the variety and the uniqueness of the items that I can find there.  If I have an image in my head, more often than not, I can find it on Etsy.

My goal is to, at least once a week, highlight some Etsy items and feature them in a post, here on Making Life From Lemons.  Since Easter is right around the corner, I found some really cute Easter Basket Fillers, this week.

Check out these cute Peeps-shaped bath bombs from SnazzieBombs.  Just a reminder, you definitely would want to keep on your little ones, with these.  They may look pretty tasty!


I love these adorable felt puzzles, by DesignsByRAJA.  She has so many different puzzles to choose from.  I chose the duck to show you, but there are dinosaurs, bunnies, giraffes(!), and so many more…


All kids (and adults) love sidewalk chalk.  This egg-shaped chalk from  CasualHomeStyle is so cool.  I think that the eggs may be easier for little hands to hold, too.


My kids love puppets.  And, they especially love putting on puppet shows that last for hours and hours and hours…  So, I know they would love these little adorable finger puppets from stuffnjunkbyheidi.  So Cute!


Here’s another fun basket filler.  What kid doesn’t love Tic Tac Toe?  The carrying bag and X & O stones make this such a neat little gift.  Visit G3CraftyCreations to purchase this game and to check out the rest of their gifts and decor.


I’ve saved these last two items for the end, because they are definitely more girly gifts, but since I have three daughters, I had to share!

I love this Bunny Ear Scrunchie from KawaiiHairCandy.


And, these Peeps Earrings are so stinking cute!  Visit JOcustomdesigns for these and more.


Hopefully, these items gave you some ideas and inspiration for easter basket fillers, beyond jelly beans (yuck!).


The Perfect Easter Egg – Part 1


So, it’s that time of year.  Time to try and make the perfect Easter Egg.  Every year, I dread this.  I don’t make hard-boiled eggs very often, so every year I struggle with the best (and easiest) way to get those little babies ready for color.   And speaking of color, that’s another major area I struggle with.  Open cups of dye, sitting around, with 4 extremely-unaware-of-their-surroundings children.

Oh, the anxiety.

But, I’m gonna save that for another post.  This one, right here, is all about hard-boiling the egg.

There are basically two ways to hard-boil your eggs.  Stove-top or in the oven.  But what exactly do I (and you) need to know about both of these methods to ensure your egg is boiled correctly?


On her blog, Averie Cooks, Averie gives some great tips on how to make sure that you are doing everything you need to do to make your hard-boiled eggs perfect, every time.  Follow her tips, and you will end up with eggs that would be approved by even the Easter Bunny!



I just tried this method a couple years ago, because I was so intimidated by the stove-top method.  This seemed like a no-brainer.  And it really was easy.  The only problem I had was that when the eggs were finished, some had little brown marks on them.  Maybe burn marks?  I’m not sure, but they still tasted great and colored fine, as well.  The marks just gave them a little extra character…

On her blog, Alaska From Scratch, Maya details the steps needed to hard boil your eggs in the oven.  Easy-Peazy!!  Or Easy Peezy?  Hmmm…


So, tell me…  Which method do you prefer?

Coming Soon:  The Perfect Easter Egg – Part 2!  Ideas For Decorating Your Eggs, With Less Mess!







Giraffe Obsession…

If you’re like me, and thousands of others, you may be a little giraffe-obsessed right now.  And by little, I mean A LOT.  Never in my life, did I think I would be so concerned with the appearance of a giraffe’s rear-end.  So, as with all my obsessions, I decided to do some Etsy browsing.  You are going to love what I have found…


Who doesn’t need giraffe art?


Not much of anything that’s better than a giraffe riding a bike!


This is just gorgeous!


This vintage giraffe figurine is so adorable!  Those eyes!


I think this DIY Papercraft Giraffe Head is just the coolest!!  What a conversation starter this would be!


A little fun with this one…  A clip on giraffe tail!


Be on the lookout for more of my Etsy browsing sessions – I’m kinda addicted!


Blog Lovin’

So, I just added my brand new baby blog to the website BlogLovin’!

If you haven’t signed up on this site yet, you definitely should!  You can follow all your favorite blogs, from one central location.  I love that you can pick which blogs you see and even search by category and topic.  I would be forever grateful if you would consider giving my blog some lovin’.  And definitely check out some of the other talented bloggers.



Hello!  And welcome to my blog!  I’m a newbie blogger, a mom of 4 amazing (and exhausting) children, and wife to one.  We live on our little mini-farm, in the middle of nowhere, with our 7 chickens and 3 dogs.  I work full-time and when I get off work, I spend my evenings and weekends trying to catch my breath, between running kids to practices, games, and meetings, and trying to keep our house in order.  Life is exhausting and sometimes I feel like I’m being pummeled by lemons, but I’m choosing to make the best life I can.

I can’t wait to learn more about blogging, while also discover ideas, products, and information that can make my life, and yours, easier to live and easier to love.  I have some ideas on some future blog posts, but I’d also love to hear from you…  What do you want to see?  I’m looking forward to growing this blog and making some great life from lemons!