The Ultimate Upcycle: Old Crib to Old Glory

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I’m in full 4th of July mode.  Every year we host a big 4th of July party for our friends and family, and the entire month of June is devoted to prepping for this party… Cleaning, Home Improvements, Decorating, Landscaping, with a few DIY projects thrown in the mix.  I wanted to share a project with you all that I actually completed last year, but was really impressed with, and still love.


While cleaning out an old shed to give our chickens more room, we came across an old rusty set of crib springs. At the time, I told my husband to just throw it in his scrap metal pile. But, the next day I was struck with inspiration… This is how I upcycled an old rusty set of crib springs and made an amazing piece of decor.  I turned this rusty piece of scrap metal into an American Flag, Old Glory, or even the Stars and Stripes.  Whatever you call it, it is a great example of what can be done with the “junk” you have accumulating around your house.

First you will need an old set of rusty crib springs, or you may have something else laying around that would work for this project.  The fun part of DIY projects is that there are no rules – you just need some inspiration.

For this project you will need ribbon.  I chose to use burlap ribbon, because I love everything and anything burlap.  First, I started with this awesome blue ribbon.  It was already printed with stars!!  How perfect is that?!?!  It was 5.5 inches wide, which wouldn’t work for this project.  So, after cutting it to length, I just cut it in half down the middle, and that worked perfectly.

I want to note that, I used hot glue for this project, but didn’t glue anything until all the weaving was complete.

Next I started on the stripes. I bought a 10 foot roll of Red Burlap Ribbon, and a 10 foot roll of White Burlap Ribbon.  Each of these burlap ribbon rolls measured 2.5 inches wide, and that worked perfectly. They were, however, a little thin, for my taste, so I doubled them back to give two layers for each stripe.  If you would rather not use the star-printed blue ribbon, I also found this combo pack on Amazon, that features one 10 foot roll each of red, white and blue burlap ribbon.

Once I had all the ribbon weaved through the wires, I was ready to glue.  I used my trusty glue gun, but I imagine other adhesives could work just as well.  Just use whatever you prefer.

The final project!  I love, love, love this!

I am so happy with how this turned out!  I love how the colors of the flag look with the rust of the crib springs.  The perfect mix of old and new, and proof that almost anything can be transformed into something beautiful!


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  1. I happen to have the same spring laying around. Since i plan on using it outdoors for this project, im gonna cut strips of luan and mold it to bend thru the wiring. I can affix the ends of the strips of wood via some kind of clamp and adhesive. I can paint and clearcoat the flag onto the strips of wood. How fun thatll be to hang on the barn! Ty for the inspiration!

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