Giraffe Obsession…

If you’re like me, and thousands of others, you may be a little giraffe-obsessed right now.  And by little, I mean A LOT.  Never in my life, did I think I would be so concerned with the appearance of a giraffe’s rear-end.  So, as with all my obsessions, I decided to do some Etsy browsing.  You are going to love what I have found…


Who doesn’t need giraffe art?


Not much of anything that’s better than a giraffe riding a bike!


This is just gorgeous!


This vintage giraffe figurine is so adorable!  Those eyes!


I think this DIY Papercraft Giraffe Head is just the coolest!!  What a conversation starter this would be!


A little fun with this one…  A clip on giraffe tail!


Be on the lookout for more of my Etsy browsing sessions – I’m kinda addicted!


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